Small Fruit  as a private farming was established  in 2011 year at the Makarov district of Kiev region on the virgin lands. Understanding the uniqueness of virgin land which was not processed since 2000 year was made a decision to grow up only ecologically clean fruits and berries such as cornelian cherry, raspberry, strawberry, fig, peach, blackberry and currant. Then we begang to open ground and sow oats and mustard as a green manure. Planted seedlings of fruits and berries crop are manured and protected from diseases and insect pests by exclusively biologies that guarantees organic, eco-friendly, natural fruits and berries ofbrand Small Fruit.

In 2014, private farm Small Fruit received bio international sertifіcatof its quality products.

Our organic berries and fruits are healthy for our clients because they were grown up with love on a virgin land in accordance with all organic requirements.  


    • Virgin soil
      Virgin soil
    • Plowed land
      Plowed land
    • Green manure
      Green manure